Opening a Door to Data Verification Procedure

VerifyHR helps you to an innovative way of checking and operating your own procedure of verifying information provided by candidates, employing an external world view from the world of security which has been built over decades of experience and substantiated by doctoral academic research in the field. Such help will lead you as employers, to see clearly and transparently the importance and benefits of carrying out an effective process while considering recruitment goals.

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From my professional experience and research that I conducted, such exposure entails significant risks for companies, including huge loss of resources and other risks. Moreover, the importance of data procedures in general and CV fraud in particular is absent from awareness of companies’ and managers’ open organization discourse. This absence affects the way and extent to which the CV fraud phenomenon influences companies and their ability to meet goals.

My task is to demonstrate to employers the importance of an efficient step to verify candidates’ data and how to prevent or reduce exposure to the CV fraud phenomenon.

I carry out this task either in frontal lectures or using Skype/Video conference

1. Practical review Theoretical review

research contribution to theoretical knowledge, description of the phenomenon of CV fraud characteristics: structural factors in the global labor market making efficient data authentication more difficult, the measure of the phenomenon geographically, by country and sectors, most common areas of fraud, accepted means of dealing with it worldwide, research findings and milestones that led to developing the Verify-HR model.

2. Practical review

using the Verify-HR model detailing road map and considerations for taking more effective verification steps in companies operating globally. Details of the right way, stages and tools to deal with data verification in global companies according to the model developed as a result of research findings and my professional experience.

In-house consultation

1. Examining existing candidate data verification steps to provide recommendations for improvement corresponding to global recruitment challenges and targets. The examination includes used of traditional tools from the world of human resources and proposals to make these tools more efficient if needed as well as adding methods and tools from my professional experience and research findings.

2. Producing a report of conclusions regarding existing arrangements for candidate security checks and making them more effective to reduce or prevent employing inappropriate candidates from an integrity point of view.

3. Accompanying process combining the above.


Hello, my name is Jacky Vidal.

Attached is a brief summary detailing my offered service to business companies coping with processes of authenticating and verifying data when recruiting and selecting candidates.

In my professional career as an expert in the field of security, I specialized in preventing integrity risk in the work environment and carried out security checks for tens of thousands of candidates from around the word.

I identified a problem where traditional verification steps and tools from the world of human resources in local and global companies’ recruitment and selection process are faced with problems and challenges with verifying information candidates provide during this process.

This challenge is the outcome of several reasons: management and managers’ lack of support and insufficient awareness of the importance of authenticating data, employing unsuitable verification steps and tools with untrained personnel to cope with diverse candidate challenges and dilemmas in the global workplace, labor market trends such as lack of qualified candidates, migration and more. This challenge becomes a real difficulty in reality when employers are also exposed to the phenomenon of candidates providing information are not congruent with job requirements. This situation can derive from innocence, but also from intentional CV fraud and data provided by candidates during the recruitment and selection process.

Occupational Background

  • 2017 Freelance Advisor Expert: preventing integrity risks at the workplace.

    1. Advisor for improving candidate verification steps and tools in global recruitment and selection procedure.
    2. Advisor for establishing, operate and control candidate security check arrangements in a global work environment.
    3. Expert in matching candidate security check steps and tools in global recruitment and selection procedures for candidates from diverse cultures, language gaps, geographical differences and more.
  • 1990 – 2016:  Integrity Manager in the financial sector.

Candidate Integrity and Security Check Manager in the banking environment.

  1. Establishing and operating security check screening procedures for candidates that examined tens of thousands of local and foreign candidates
  2. Provide policy answers and operatingScreening procedures and security checks for diverse candidates.


  • 2016 – 2020: UBB-CLUJ : Faculty of European Studies
    Degree: PhD, International Relations and affairs
    Subject of study: “Global Company Managers’ Perceptions of Fraudulent CVs Following Data and Security Intervention Tool”
    Graduated ‘with Excellence’
  • 2008 – 2010 Tel Aviv University (TAU), Executive Program
    Degree: M.A in Diplomacy and Security
  • 1996-2002 The Open University, Israel
    Degree: B.A in Social and Human Sciences


  • Fraud is discovered in an average of 20% of CVs
  • Potential loss valued on average at six months wages as a result of recruiting an employee who committed CV fraud
  • Data verification tools from the world of human resources struggle to cope with gaps in CVs or CV fraud.